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My first series of paintings, Recuerdos de California, brings abstraction, surrealism, and color together to reflect on the theme of memory. When we remember things, they are never exactly as the way they were—but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  

Each painting was created without a reference; they are simply distorted memories of the landscape of California, my home state. 

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"Memory No. 0 / Y si el sol fuera un huevo y los pimientos crecieran en palmeras"

Acyrlic on handmade paper. 60 x 69 cm.

"Memory No. 1"

Enamel on canvas. 40 x 80 cm. 

"Memory No. 2"

Enamel on canvas. 70 x 50 cm. 

"Memory No. 3"

Acrylic on canvas. 50 x 40 cm. 

"Memory No. 4 / Y si el sol nunca se pusiese"

Oil and enamel on canvas. 55 x 46 cm.