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meet the artist. 

Hi, my name is Cameron and I like to make things. 


I was born and raised in Southern California, and my artwork never seems to let me forget that. My artistic style latches on to bright colors, psychedelic landscapes, and old-school graphics—reminiscent of California's iconic cultural identity and past. My designs, clothing, and other artwork are undeniably a representation of who I am and where I grew up, even though I am no longer there.

In fall of 2021 I moved to Bilbao, where I am currently based.  Although different in just about every aspect, the Basque Country has become another place to call home, and congruently has become a new source of inspiration to create.

What's in a name...

cosas hermosas is not simply a brand. The name was born in June 2021, out of a sheer necessity to create a home for my projects and creative pursuits.

cosas, or "things," seemed to fit well for the amount of random mediums I'd dabbled into—digital art, painting, film photography, tattoo design, clothing—among others.  


hermosas, or "beautiful" is more of a jest, or challenge to the traditional definition of the word. My definition of beauty is an abstract one, and my art attempts to exemplify this. 

Thank you for supporting my artwork and creative projects. Here's to the pursuit of "beautiful" things. 

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