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A portfolio of my Spring/Summer 2021 Moodboard, originally designed as requested by Paloma Wool. 

The company is based in Spain—so I designed it in Spanish. I've included an English translation, along with a few more thoughts, for each slide below. Welcome to the vision of my art x clothing.

My art is me; I am my art. We are one in the same. As a result, the majority of my art is a reflection of my life: my home, my travels, and my friends. Bienvenidos!

PWSS21 #1.tiff

An Introduction

What Does it Mean to Be Alive?

I believe that life and art are interchangeable concepts—one often mirroring the other. They both ask us the same, very important question: What does it mean to be alive? 

Whether consciously or not, we choose how to answer this question everyday when we wake up and decide what to wear. 

To live is to travel

Traveling through time, people, places, experiences

Every person is a world in which to travel to—to get to know. To meet someone, and get to know them, is to travel in a way, without having to physically go anywhere.

We make another journey everyday too—a continuous, ceaseless trip— the journey from day, to sunset, to midnight, to sunrise, to day again.

Traveling is a part of life, whether its driving to another city, getting to know a new face, or simply arriving to a different time of day.


We all wear our past travels in the clothes we wear. 

PWSS21 #2.tiff
PWSS21 #3.tiff

Moodboard no.1

La madrugada — Sunrise

This first moodboard embodies dawn and the beginning tastes of sunlight. Soft pastels, linen, and comfort exude a serenity unparalleled by the first few hours of daylight. 

Moodboard no.2

El día — Daytime

Daytime, full sunshine, bright colors; the excitement of what is to become of the day—the fun that is to be had. 

This second moodboard is chalk full of primary colors, chiffon, matching sets, and one-piece swimwear. A uniform fit for anything the day throws at you.

PWSS21 #4.tiff
PWSS21 #5.tiff

Moodboard no.3

El crepúsculo — Sunset

This third moodboard attempts to encompass one of the most magical times of day—the transition from light to dark, from day to night—the sunset. The complimentary colors of orange and blue dominate the color palate, with traces of teal and grey.  Wool sweaters were envisioned for keeping warm post-ocean dunk, as the last few minutes of daylight disperse in their grand finale. 

Moodboard no.4

La medianoche — Midnight

This fourth and final moodboard is electric—silk, chiffon, tassels and all. Metallic hues highlight brighter colors to reflect the energy of nightlife and compliment the ineffable, magical quality of the pitch-black sky. 

PWSS21 #6.tiff
Untitled_Artwork 11.tiff

el fin

Everything I Have — All That I Am

All objects are simply just objects, until we give them meaning. Your lucky shirt, the jacket you bought from that flea market in Portugal, those earrings your grandmother left you—all of these objects have a magical quality because of the significance given to them. 

When we leave the earth, these objects, our clothes, will remain—traces of travel, love, and life, holding on to memories much longer than we ever will. These things become eternal, though we are not.

Many photographs used were originally shot by myself. Those that aren't were sourced from online and I do not take credit for them. 

These moodboard submissions were not used by Paloma Wool. Inquiries about future moodboard requests can be made here.

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